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Folklore festival “Peoples of Russia” is an entertainment of folklore, tradition, musical and dancing art, folk instruments, and crafts of different ethnic groups which are living on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The first Folklore festival “Peoples of Russia” took place in the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) in Moscow in April of 1995. Since then the Festival is held annually in PFUR as a bright holiday which let the participants represent their own ethnic culture in warm and friendly atmosphere.

The main goal of the Festival is a popularization of the cultural heritage of different ethnic groups of Russia, creating mutual understanding and strong contacts between different ethnic groups of Russia, raising a sense of pride for their country, dignity and unity of the peoples of multinational Russia.

Folklore festival “Peoples of Russia” forms tolerance behavior of youth for the people of different ethnicity and culture, lets show your shared values, representation of Russian cultures and multi-ethnical Russia.

How it was started

At the beginning the program of the festival includes exhibitions of folk crafts, which described culture and traditional live of different ethnic groups of Russia and folklore performance of teams and individuals. Then, the program of the festival was expended and there were included round tables, master-classes, ethnic food, meetings with some interesting peoples. All those let the audience get more complete information about each ethnic group represented on the festival.